Advantage: Security

See how the scope of the AT&T network paired with threat analysis helps end the footrace between attackers and security.

With attacks on the rise, threats are no longer hypothetical. Cybersecurity is more important than ever. And our broad network puts us in a unique position to learn from and act on an ever-growing list of known threats. Here are our steps to creating a secure network, which only gets smarter with each attack.

The first line of defense

We’ve monitored and identified countless threats across our entire global network, adding them to our database as we go. It’s like a cyber most-wanted list, so to speak. So when we identify a previously known threat, it gets taken out. No alerts. No questions. No drama.

Under the microscope

Any suspicious activity that isn’t filtered out as a previously known threat gets a closer examination. We look at your suite of devices (mobile, cloud, IoT, etc.) and other data to see if the activity is malicious. Then, we move on to the next step.

Developing a game plan

Once we know whether suspicious activity is malicious or not, we prioritize how to proceed. Our security experts will discuss what is critical and noncritical, then call you with a game plan. Noncritical events are simply filtered out, but critical events move on to the final step…

Validation / Resolution
Executing and learning

We want to learn from new critical threats, so we follow them, ready to strike before they become a problem. By learning how the threat moves, its traits and the path it takes, we can help to prevent future attacks. Bringing this whole process full circle and turning this threat into one of the billions of previously identified threats that are filtered out from the start.

Make threats less threatening.
Find out what happens when you put over 2,000 cybersecurity experts and global data to work for your business.

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