How to Survive the (nearly non-existent)
Retail Apocalypse

Take a Deep Breath

And look around your store. If you sell discounted fashions, groceries and home goods in volume; lumber, paint, and power tools; or serve quick, casual meals – relax. The much-feared Retail Apocalypse isn’t coming to get you.

stores opened in the first half of 2017.

more are planned for 2018.

Mass merchandisers and fast food lead the way.

An Apocryphal Apocalypse?

Like most wild rumors, this one began innocently enough. Fung Global Data are the masters of Department Store and Apparel trends—the categories that suffered most in the first half of 2017.

Department Stores closed
Soft Goods stores closed

That’s What the Media Reported

because there wasn’t much contradictory data.

bad news gets more clicks than good news.

there was an obvious villain: online retailers. (Villains get more clicks, too.)

Now, Here’s What the Media Missed...

6 Steps
to Survive and Thrive

So, there’s no widespread Retail Apocalypse. But you still face challenges. These six steps can help you overcome them.


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